Our professional services specialize in assisting companies with the business of designing, scoping, implementing and supporting high-performance IT infrastructures. We have extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and sustaining a number of cutting-edge technologies to address G&G IT challenges, and typically at a significant cost savings compared with traditional IT solutions.


At GeoComputing Group we believe that implementation of technology cannot be done in a vacuum. It is important to understand that any change has an impact on the core business, no matter how small. Working with the business in a partnership is the key to success.

When implementing technology, one size does not fit all, but we do know that the use of our processes in evaluation, design and implementation, lead to consistent wins; even when solutions vary significantly from one customer to the next. We promote clear, empirical methods to assess the impact our solutions have on customer environments and workflows. Our goal is to help you extract the maximum value from your investments, lower support costs, and increase performance.

GeoComputing Group has noteworthy experience in E&P computing environments within the Energy Sector. Our team has extensive domain knowledge in the fields of infrastructure services, application support, data management, and the processes required to support the E&P activities in Oil and Gas companies.

Company Overview